Flip Turn Clinics

Master the art of flip turns!

As a triathlete, you typically never HAVE to perform a flip turn. So, why do you need this skill?

  1. Unlike the pool, open water has no “end of the pool” where athletes like to pause, take a break, and continue swimming. This extra breathing doesn’t seem like much, but considering you touch one end (or the other) 66 times (33 laps) in 1 mile (equaling 66 extra breaths), you might start to think differently about it.

  2. Flip turns extend your workout and allow you to build more efficiency in the water.

  3. And finally, it's just really cool and impressive as a swimmer to be able to perform a technically solid flip turn!


This clinic is designed for anyone who has never learned how to do flip turns or is interested in learning how to improve their technique and learn the art of performing effective flip turns.


  • TBD


Highview Middle School (get directions)


Our experienced swim coach, Nick, will help you get the most out of your swim and develop an efficient and effective flip turn that will lead you to a better overall race performance.



If you have questions, please email nick@trifitnesswbl.com or call 651-426-3619.