Performance Assessment 

Superior training based in knowledge, backed by experience, and driven by passion.

Let our coaches provide the knowledge you need to tailor your training to your body’s unique ability. With ‘the right science and engineering’ provided by the Moxy Monitor and the guidance of our experienced coaches you will see measurable gains in your performance.

What: The Moxy Monitor System uses near-infrared light to measure muscle oxygenation levels in muscle tissue.

Why use Moxy: As an assessment tool, Moxy can help identify physiological limiters that inhibit performance gains, real time, in real world conditions. As a monitoring device, it allows us to target the limiter during training to rapidly improve performance. While racing, Moxy can guide performance to help achieve your next personal best.

How do we use Moxy to help improve performance? We do a 5-1-5 assessment using 3 sensors. With one sensor we can see how well the body is supplying oxygen to the muscle and how well the muscle is using that oxygen. With three sensors we can add in contralateral and non-working muscles to gain insight into right/left variances and how the whole body responds when one muscle group is under load.

Rent and Purchase your own monitor:

Oxygen Training: Unlocking Performance Through Physiology

Tri Fitness Training, in collaboration with Moxy, is offering a first of its kind educational and training symposium. We will demonstrate the practical integration of the Moxy muscle oxygen sensor into warm ups, assessments, recovery and ongoing training for cyclists and runners. You will learn the benefits of incorporating muscle oxygenation into your training program and how it can help you identify and train your limiters.

When: next event TBD


  • 8:30-9:00am - Registration & Continental Breakfast

  • 9:00-9:20am - Welcome - Vickie Ostendorf (Founder -Tri Fitness, NASM Certified Trainer, Certified Myofascial Release, CKTT Certified Kinesio-Taping Technician, USAT Level 1 and Long course, & Certified Ironman University Coach)

  • 9:20-9:50am - Intro to training w/ Moxy - Nick Sullivan (Tri Fitness - Moxy Certified, USAT Level 1 Coach, ACE Sports Conditioning Specialist & Trainer, Serotta Fit Certified Bike Fitter)

  • 9:50-10:10am - Changing the Game: The Value of Moxy - Roger Schmitz (Founder, CEO & Inventor of the Moxy)

  • 10:10-10:20am - Brief Break

  • 10:20-10:30am - Pre-assessment briefing and what to look for

  • 10:30-11:45am - 5-1-5 Assessment demo

  • 11:45am-12:30pm - Lunch/Demo table

  • 12:30-1:15pm detail review of the 5-1-5 (Q&A)

  • 1:15-1:45pm - The why and how of integration - Nick Sullivan, Tri Fitness

  • 1:45pm - Final Q&A, Survey

  • 2:00pm - Thank You & close

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