Triathlon Training

Whether you are a podium finisher looking to get even faster or an "every day athlete" looking for a PR, the coaches at Tri Fitness are here to help you. Over the years we have qualified people for Kona, Boston, and have set numerous PR's.

You now have the opportunity to participate in one of the most unique Triathlon Training programs in the country with multiple workouts per week all led by educated and professional personal trainers. 

We take the time to listen to you and talk about goals. The best part is, we have all of the additional resources available to help you achieve your goals - vO2 testing, bike fit, computrainers to measure power output, run, bike, and swim coaches to help those "sticking points," as well as certified personal trainers to build the best strength program for you.

Triathlon Training Package

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On the series page, use the drop down menu and select 'triathlon training' to register for the annual payment plan.

Our Coaches

Through this program, you will have access to the same awesome training coaches that you've been working with (Tracy, Sharon, and Pete), but we are expanding our expert and professional staff to include even more trainers to share their knowledge with you help you achieve your goals (Phil, Beth, Vicki, and Adam). 

Related Services

We highly recommend including strength training as well as stretch/core work to your swim, bike, and run training to prevent injury and optimize performance. As a Triathlon Training Package member receive additional sessions at these special prices:

  • 5-pack for $115

  • 10-pack for $200

**5 and 10-pack sessions will have a 90 day expiration date

Or, are you ready to take your training to the next level? Check out our private one-on-one Performance Coaching program and packages.  

Current Schedule

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Awards and Recognition

In 2016 we achieved 2nd place in our division for our performance at 2016 IRONMAN Maryland!


In 2014 we were recognized as the third place tri club program by Ironman Wisconsin. We are an official USA Triathlon Club and Ironman TriClub Program!

For more information, please mail or call 651-426-3619