10 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Join our next 10 week Weight Loss Challenge starting Monday, (DATE TBD)!

Take control of your body and life, and shed those extra pounds for a healthier version of you! Our certified trainers will be working with you to set up goals, track progress, and ensure a successful program for you.

  • Unlimited Group Classes
  • Nutritional & Wellness Coaching
  • Bi-Weekly Assessments
  • Online, Personal, & Group Support
  • Earn $$$ for Losing Weight!
  • Space is Limited!

Free Informational Kickoff Meeting

Register for the FREE informational meeting on Monday, April 4th, 2016 at 6:00pm!

Challenge Before & Afters

Why Join

The benefits of losing excess weight, even just 5-10lbs, are incredible. Regular exercise and a healthy nutrition lifestyle can lead to the following amazing benefits:

  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Lose excess body fat
  • Speed up your overall metabolism
  • Increase your mental focus and clarity
  • Make like-minded healthy friendships
  • Develop a balanced and well-rounded healthy lifestyle
  • Increase endurance/strength
  • Promote youthful aging
  • Boost your confidence/self-esteem
  • And much more....

What's Included

  • Group Support - We’ll be answering questions, providing support, motivation, recipes, educational information, and much more to help you succeed and keep you inspired!
  • Fitness (Cardio & Resistance) Guide - Understand what you need to be doing for activity - even when you're not with us. 
  • Weekly check-ins and homework - Stay accountable and get one-on-one help from our certified trainers!
  • 5 Nutrition/Wellness Seminars - These seminars will provide you with helpful information and education on nutrition and goal-setting topics to help you build and develop your healthy lifestyle! Knowledge = Power!
  • Bi-weekly progress assessments - We’ll review your progress every other week measuring your body composition, weight, and body measurement changes. 
  • UNLIMITED group classes - The more variety the better! (choose from our current schedule)
  • Nutrition Plan/Guide - You’ll have a fully structured and easy-to-follow nutrition plan that includes food lists and sample meal plans
  • Nutrition Evaluations - Track your nutrition daily via myfitnesspal and our coach will evaluate your journal and provide you with suggestions, recommendations, and notes as necessary to help you fine tune your nutrition and reach your goals.
  • Challenge Emails - We’ll be providing you with weekly content 3x/week that will cover a number of topics from fitness/nutrition/motivation to mental/physical roadblocks. 
  • Progress photo assessments - We’ll also be tracking your changes via photos at the beginning, middle, and end of your program. This, along with the bi-weekly tracking methods above, will allow us the best opportunity to see how your body is progressing through the program. 
  • Referral Program - Take part in our referral program by signing up with a friend! You’ll both get $$$ off your challenge packages!
  • Prize incentives - We’ll be giving away a prizes. Everyone wins! Lose weight and earn $$$!
  • Challenge T-shirts - Strut your hard work in your new Tri Fitness Challenge T-Shirt!

Seminar & Weigh-In Schedule

All meetings are at 6:00pm unless otherwise stated.

  • Monday, (DATE TBD) (initial weigh-in)
  • Monday, (DATE TBD)
  • Monday, (DATE TBD)
  • Monday, (DATE TBD)
  • Monday, (DATE TBD)
  • Monday, (DATE TBD) (final weigh-in)

What Our Participants Are Saying

Jane T:

We had SEVERAL entertaining testimonials along the way from Jane. Here are just a few...

"I am one happy (and sweaty) camper. Small miracles keep adding up!
  1. Went to the movies, climbed to the top without holding on, stopping, or being out of breath. Sat down and didn’t have to squeeze into the seat. Didn’t even want popcorn!
  2. Clothes are getting looser. I can put on a t-shirt or sweater and it doesn’t hug every lump, bump, and bulge.
  3. I am fastening my bras at the smallest hooks.
  4. May have to shop soon. Pants I normally wear are kind of hanging low, getting some out of the back of the drawers that I haven’t worn for a lloooonnnggg time!
  5. Saggy granny panties!!
  6. I can sit at the school cafeteria tables without feeling like I’m going to fall off backwards (I do before and after school childcare in an elementary school and our space is the gym/cafeteria).
  7. I have the energy to play in the gym with the kids.
  8. I can reach every spot on my body effortlessly.
  9. To tie my new sneakers is a breeze.
  10. I crossed my legs for the first time in forever. It kind of took me by surprise. We were visiting with a friend in our living room, I sat down and just automatically crossed them. It felt so foreign I had to uncross and recross them multiple times to see if it was for real.
  11. My rings are loose and I can remove them without soap.
  12. Climbing into my full-size van!!"
"I tend to babble on, especially when I am enthused about something! If you haven't noticed, I am ENTHUSED with the program and am kind of sad it will be over in 4 weeks. :( I am thankful for your support and obvious shared delight in all our successes."
"I think (knock on wood) that my RA flare is subsiding. My shoulders (especially the left) are normally mobile now. Even my left knee is improved - I would say at 70 %! OMG it is so good to feel comfortable! Yesterday I felt like an energizer bunny doing yard work! I kept going and going and going!"
"Guess what!? I am starting to see a little bone structure in my face! I have cheek bones and a jaw line. Huh, who knew?? A co-worker told me that I have lovely eyes. Hmmm, known her for years, same eyes as always. Maybe they’re just more noticeable now because they aren’t overshadowed by as much surrounding facial flubber?? That was pretty cool and made my day!"
"Some silly updates: I can sing again!! I don’t sing well, but I love to sing along with the radio in the car. It’s been a long time since I felt I had enough breath to manage. On Saturday I drove to St. Cloud to watch my daughter’s rugby team. I had KQ on and started to sing along. My gosh! I could do it! I rocked it all the way home - miles and miles of grateful tears and smiles. Also, when I got in Steve’s car to drive, instead of moving the seat back, I had to move it forward! HA! Still so many happy discoveries every day"
"How fast can 10 weeks fly by?? Unbelievable! People have congratulated me and told me they appreciate the hard work this must have been. Dang it! I have to tell them that, no, it's actually been really fun and that I am sorry to see it end. I got to meet a whole bunch of totally awesome folks who I would like to wrap up in a package and bring home with me to keep forever. :-) I learned a lot about myself and what is possible in this life of mine. I determined that I WILL SURVIVE! I do not have to slowly and painfully wait to die. Morose, I know, but it was what it was. :-/ Thanks from the bottom of my heart for putting up with my tears, limitations, teasing, and failing wardrobe. Thanks for being so supportive and HAPPY for me and for everyone making this journey. I am sorry to see this portion of the journey end, but it is time to test my wings flying solo for a while. We will be poking our noses in the TriFitness door again soon (this is your official heads up so you all know when to turn down the lights, lock the doors, and hide in the meat lockers)."

Steve T:

"Speaking for Jane & myself, we are very pleased with all the support and encouragement that the whole staff at Tri-Fitness have given us in the short period of time thus far. We are energized, excited, and mostly surprised at the amazing results to date. Family members and friends are starting to notice the changes and are blown away when we mention the weight loss to date. We cannot express enough our deepest gratitude to you for all you have done and the care given to us both. It is truly a life-changing experience for us and we have you to thank for the miracle of a better life through your guidance."

Terry H:

"Thank y'all for helping me to get this far. If the scale speaks truth, I believe I am under 200 pounds for the first time since at least the late 90s! During my senior year of high school (my peak conditioning ever), I played football at 185 pounds! That was just about right for my frame, so since I'm this far, why not push on, eh?"
"The camaraderie was thoroughly enjoyable and the support and encouragement from the trainers top notch - particularly the assistance provided in getting my feet into those crazy TRX straps for the first 10 to 12 weeks! Jeremy, there are not too many people on the face of the earth I allow to push me to the point of nausea, but you made the grade on at least one day during round 1. Vicki's recent Advanced Cardio for the Professor and the Two Musketeers was one for the ages...and then there was that crazy 50 thing that I completed about 25% of while the real athlete did it with one arm tied around his back. ;-) Tea and Crumpets on Monday mornings with Tanya were awesome (breaking me out of night owl/don't want to wake up mode for the first time in years). And, Laura's feedback was most helpful during round 1 (although the manufacturers of all the stuff in the middle of the grocery store are suffering because of it). All around goodness...and no silly gimmicks! It looks that I'm going to be the proverbial drunk at the bar, slurring "one more round" at closing time...during the next round, I'm going to trim off a few more pounds, get a little more definition, and work towards doing some waterless (bike/run) distance things later this summer. I'll look forward to seeing all of you sooner or later - hopefully the former rather than the latter."

Brian G:

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all that you did during the challenge. My main purpose in signing up was to get a nutrition plan that was maintainable long-term, along with fitness coaching. I was looking for guidance on how to alter my lifestyle, not just lose a few pounds.

With your help and everyone at TriFitness, my expectations were definitely met. You provided me with the tools and motivation to start out on a new path. Other than 2-3 pounds added over the holidays, I've maintained my weight. My fitness has consisted of at least 3 sessions a week, but I will be increasing that shortly. I will be entering my first triathlon this year!"

Howard G:

"Thank you both very much for all of your support with Annie joining Tri-Fitness. You’ve made her entry into the 'Tri-Fitness World' an easy one and she is very excited about renewing her focus on getting in shape. You’ve built a terrific training center in a very competitive environment. If there’s anything I can do to help you grow your business please ask."


"It was just before Christmas in 2010 and my daughter (Jen) who worked at Tri Fitness called to ask me if she gave me something for Christmas would I promise not to get mad at her. She wouldn’t tell me over the phone what it was—had to tell me in person. When she came over she gave me this card describing the Weighs and Means program at Tri-Fitness. It was a 12 week program with circuit classes twice a week; weigh in, measurements, BMI, nutrition help and a personalized training program. She looked at me and said I am so tired of seeing you hurting—I want you to get better.
A little history on me—I have had 2 total knee replacements and had to have one done twice. I didn’t move much because it hurt and the less I moved the more weight I gained and the harder it was to move. I was becoming a recliner potato and it was slowly killing me.
I agreed to do this and showed up for the first class. The trainer said OK we are going to get down on the floor. I politely told her that wasn’t going to happen since I have artificial knees. She politely told me that I was and showed me how to do it. (Amazing) It wasn’t pretty and it took me several weeks of practice but I could now get up and down from the floor. I got home from the first class and my husband asked how it went. I looked at him and said “your daughter signed me up for boot camp!!”
It was hard at first, but each class got a little easier and I felt so much better the next day. There were some things I couldn’t do but the trainers would modify them for me. As I got stronger and more flexible I found that I could do many of these. 
On Easter we were at my son’s and my grandson wanted me to play with him on the floor and my daughter-in-law says ‘let’s put that on the table, grandma can’t play on the floor’. I told her that wouldn’t be necessary and sat on the floor by my grandson. The look on my son and daughter-in-law’s faces was priceless.
I really didn’t care how much weight I lost, I just wanted to be able to move without pain and feel better. This was NOT a diet or an exercise program; it truly was a lifestyle change. I don’t sit in the recliner anymore (my cat has now taken that over). I have lost 75 pounds and I can’t tell you how many inches and but I can now wear a size 12 (and I started at a 22). I did a 5K with my daughter which I would have never thought I could do. I got a bike last summer and love riding (works really well for my knees). The best thing is when I went for my yearly checkup; my doctor couldn’t believe what I had accomplished. I am now off all but 2 of the meds I was taking. Twenty more pounds and I am off everything!! Great incentive, believe me.
You have to want to help yourself. If you have reached that point, the team at Tri Fitness will help you succeed."

Melissa J:

"I took the Tri Fitness Weight Loss Challenge and would strongly recommend it to anyone who is serious about losing weight and / or maintaining a healthy life style.
The seminars were informative and varied, ranging from the grocery store to eating out!   The various classes challenged me and helped me in my weight loss journey.   The trainers were enthusiastic and wanted me to succeed, making my journey easier.
Meeting with a Wellness Coach helped me to layout my goals and the steps needed to meet and maintain them. I’m training for a half marathon, and Megan helped me with my run stride and how to safely increase my mileage and endurance so that I can safely train for my race without injuring myself.  The best part is that in 6 weeks, I lost 8 pounds, 3% body fat and inches off of my waist, hips and thighs! 
I am feeling not only lighter, but stronger and my self-confidence has increased. The other people in the challenge were encouraging to each other and it was a good group of people. I can’t say enough good things about this challenge!"

For more information, email tanya@trifitnesswbl.com or call 651-426-3619.